What You Might Find at the Mattress Store

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Gone are the days of the simple, coiled mattress. You can now shop a variety of mattress sizes and materials, which makes being an informed consumer an important part of purchasing a new mattress.


You can find these types of mattresses in showrooms and online.



An old standby, the innerspring mattress has a grid of coils at its core to offer a foundation of support. http://bestmattress2018.webgarden.com/ Some spring mattresses have covered coils that better isolate motion and form to your body.


Latex and Memory Foam

Memory foam and latex mattresses are denser than spring mattresses and offer a soft, comfortable sleeping surface that contours specifically to your body while providing firm, consistent support.


Both latex and memory foam can be sourced naturally from plants, which can cut down on the number of chemicals in your mattress and the possibility of emissions.


Air and Water Chambers

Mattresses that utilize air and water chambers are also similar and provide a custom sleeping experience. Air mattresses can be a great option for couples that have different preferences for soft or firm support. https://penzu.com/p/456f7f69 Many air mattresses have remotes that separately control the amount of air in each side of the bed so each person can set their side to their own taste.


You Don’t Have to Spend a Fortune

Although you can spend thousands and thousands of dollars on a mattress, you don’t have to part with a lot of cash to end up with a quality mattress.


A mattress that can last you for years can be affordable. Do your research to find out which brands and materials fit your budget and your needs.


How You Sleep Plays into Your Decision

A mattress that works well for a back sleeper isn’t necessarily right for a side sleeper and vice versa. You deserve a comfortable night’s sleep on the best mattress designed to meet your favorite sleeping position.


Stomach sleepers may benefit from a softer mattress that has a medium firmness.


Side sleepers may like a memory foam or latex mattress that softens to fit their body and disperses their weight instead of putting pressure on the hips and shoulders.


Back sleepers often opt for a medium to firm mattress that provides the best support. A solid foundation with a pillow top may offer the needed support and enough softness to maintain the spine’s curve.


Keep Looking

Don’t give up until you find the right mattress at the right price. Your health and wellness are too important to jeopardize by continuing to sleep on a less than optimal mattress.